When you visit our stores, take the opportunity to simultaneously donate clothes and items that you are tired of – we gratefully accept everything that is clean and fully functional/usable.

You can find us in Gränbystaden's mall and Gottsunda Centrum. We also have an outlet located in connection with Gåvomottagningen on Bolandsgatan 15C.

I butikerna hittar du kläder, böcker, husgeråd, prydnadssaker, leksaker, möbler och mycket annat. Second Hand-butiken i Gränbystaden har även ett utbud av märkeskläder, vintage, antikviteter och andra kvalitetsvaror. I Gåvomottagningens lagerbutik hittar du kläder och prylar från vår andrasortering av Second Hand-utbudet.

City Mission Second Hand in Uppsala now offers the opportunity to shop for selected items and clothes online. Please visit our store at Tradera to see the current selection.

Opening hours for shops & warehouse


Måndag – fredag: kl 10:00-19:00
Lördag: 10:00-17:00
Söndag:  Stängt

Phone: 072-202 29 93
Address: Gottsunda Centrum,
Valthornsvägen 7
(good bus connections are available in the surrounding area)


Måndag – söndag: kl 10:00 – 20:00

Phone: 076-822 62 51
Address: Gränbystaden's Mall Market Gatan 1
(good bus connections are available in the surrounding area)

For both people & environment

Uppsala City Mission runs the Second hand stores as social enterprises in Uppsala. When you shop with us, you contribute to a sustainable society where items and clothes are reused, while creating opportunities for people to grow through work training and internships. Every penny you shop for goes to support Uppsala Stadsmission's social activities for the benefit of people in homelessness and social and financial vulnerability.

We give people and used items a second chance!

Terms of purchase
No refunds & no exchanges.