Matkassen är ett riktat stöd till ekonomiskt utsatta hushåll i Uppsala. Om du har en inkomst på mindre än 9 290 kr/månaden är du välkommen att ansöka om Stadsmissionens matkasse som delas ut en gång/vecka. Priset är 250 kr och berättigar en prenumerant till uthämtning av en matkasse i veckan under ett halvårs tid. 

Matkassen contains surpluses of foods and goods donated to the City Mission by local grocery stores in Uppsala. The content of Matkassen may vary, but will always include food, cleaning and hygiene items.

We who work at Matcentralen carefully check the food and items we receive before sorting and packaging in grocery bags. Our policy is that no food may be distributed if it has passed the use-by date. Sometimes there may be reasons other than best-before dates that prevent food and other goods from being sold in the regular store and therefore donated to the City Mission – this may include, for example, damage in external packaging, products in outgoing assortments or excessive volumes delivered from suppliers. This type of surplus is also part of the contents of the City Mission's Matkasse.

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